We providing Education ERP system that is easy and quick access to information about students, staff, timetables, examinations, admissions, fees, reporting, and so on. This helps the management to consider and analyze various aspects of the institution faster, leading to growth in planning capabilities

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We providing complete solutions for educational institutions for go online and manage all works with agileness with our latest technology build Applications and services.

Cloud-Based Educational ERP

It is an inclusive educational management application which provide user friendly control panel with login access to all the clerks, teachers, principal, admin and management team. The web-based software can be accessed and used from a mobile phone, a tab, a laptop, a desktop or any device that is connected to the internet.


Dynamic Websites

Dynamic web pages are generated in real-time. We all ourselves Web Experience Designers and that is what we deliver; blend of design and technology to create usable and simple web experiences that work. A perfect online experience requires a perfect combination of design style and technology which engages the user.


Dedicated Mobile App

You can now enjoy the benefit of having a dedicated mobile app in your institution’s name that will communicate with the ERP and stay connected with everyone, automates the routine tasks for a teacher and enables communication between Teacher and Students/Parents. Also can notify parents about the absence or presence of their students via sending messages.


Online Admission Process

Online Admission Process is aimed for School, Colleges and Universities to help automate the admission procedure. The system is an internet based application which can be accessed from anytime anywhere basis. This system is an online system that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login provided.


Online Examination Process

Online examination system is a web-based examination system where examinations are given online. The big benefit of online examination is the cost and time saving, both for students and teachers. The biggest limitation is that you have to be online to use an online examination system. The system is an internet based application which can be accessed from anytime anywhere.


RFID & Biometric Attendance System

RFID-Attendance provides robust, secure and automatic attendance management in educational institutions. With RFID-Attendance system, student attendance management becomes easier, more efficient and accurate. Proxy attendance can be eliminated or minimized. Complete data will on cloud then any time we can see the report.