Our Products

We providing Education ERP system that is easy and quick access to information about students, staff, timetables, examinations, admissions, fees, reporting, and so on. This helps the management to consider and analyze various aspects of the institution faster, leading to growth in planning capabilities



We providing complete solutions for educational institutions for go online and manage all works with agileness with our latest technology build Applications and services.

E-School Management Application

E-SMA School Management Application is a web-based cloud application with powerful, fully integrated school administrative software suite developed for- small, large, and public or private Schools.

E-College Management Application

E-CMA  College Management Application is a web-based cloud Application with powerful & integrated college administrative software suite developed for– Degree, Engineering and Architecture Colleges.

E-University Management Application

This Software offers comprehensive functionality covering the complete spectrum of the schools tasks and roles. The solution is modular based and has many modules that allow the management, teachers & clerks to perform their roles.

E-Institute Management Application

It is for automation of all types of training Institutes. It provides user friendly control panel with login access to all the clear, parents, student and management team.

E-Online Admission Process

This system is an online system that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login provided. Our system has two type of accessing modes, administrator and user.

E-Online Examination Process

Online Examination Process is useful to check problem solving, analytical, decision making ability of the individual and many more features we can customize as per your requirements. .

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